Our New Home: Before

New Home
 We will miss this view!

We will miss this view!

The last week has been a whirlwind! As I announced a couple of weeks ago we found a new apartment! We are moving from a newer building to an old brick building with a lot of character. Our old apartment was smaller but had a lot of great amenities. We had a gorgeous rooftop with a view of the city and the Puget Sound and a city view right from our apartment window. We will be missing these the most! Saying goodbye to our apartment of 2 years, and leaving our spectacular view was pretty tough. We loved living where we were, but ultimately we needed more space and wanted to pay a little less.

Luckily we didn't move far and we are very excited to start furnishing our place and making it our new home! The wood floors and beautiful glass french door immediately sold this place for us. Another GIANT plus is the light. This was one of our main requirements when choosing a new apartment. Even though we are facing North, light pours into the apartment at all times of day. Now that we have so many windows I can't wait to FILL the place with plants! We are in the process of shopping for lots of furniture and decor! Please stay tuned for updates as we turn this apartment into our new home!

Here are some photos that I have been loving and will be using for some decor inspiration: