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Summer into Fall with Pastels

I have been on a major pastel kick this year. Whether it be Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, I have been incorporating these hues into all aspects of my wardrobe. Thanks to Kohl's, I styled THREE outfits that can easily be taken from Summer to Fall! I found each of these outfits in the Junior's Department at Kohl's. Fun Fact about the Junior's Department; it serves ages 18-34! Kohl's Juniors department has an amazing selection and can help you transition into new seasons with a few statement pieces. You can receive $10 off $50 Fall and Back to School essentials 8/3-8/19 with promo code BTS10!

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My Seattle: PIPE + ROW

Have you ever walked into a shop and just thought “YEP! I belong here!”? Well, that is how I felt when I visited PIPE + ROW for the first time. Affordably curated high fashion, a beautiful space that could double as a décor studio, and a large dose of girl power keep pulling me back to this Seattle boutique.

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My Seattle: KACY YOM

The name Kacy Yom, if not already familiar, will soon be a household name. Inspired by her gorgeous Korean garments, her background in technology, and her passion for streamlining the customer experience, Kacy Yom has stormed the fashion scene with the most bright and luxurious, yet highly functional leather handbags. In just 3 years, Kacy has turned her dreamy mood boards into a reality through endless designs, patterns, materials, and factory trials.

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Why I'm Cutting Back on Saying "I'm Sorry"

One of the things I have been focusing on during my one week social media break (which quickly turned into two weeks ;) is being more intentional with my content. This has lead me to also focus on being more intentional with my words and actions outside of my blog. With a more intentional approach to life, I would like to reduce the amount of times I utter the word "Sorry".

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It's Time to Walk the Walk - What My Social Media Break Taught Me

Today marks one week since I decided to take a break from social media. While I was worried what this would do for my blog, my brand, and my social media engagement, I knew something needed to change. Looking back on the last week, I now know these types of breaks need to be incorporated into my schedule on a monthly basis. Keep reading to find out what I discovered from my social media break.

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10 Tips to Reduce Stress

I am not afraid to admit that I have a hard time balancing different aspects of my life. If something becomes overwhelming, I quickly become stressed and agitated. Since I wear my heart on my sleeve, and my emotions dictate 99.9% of my actions and reactions, when I am stressed, it easily becomes the focus of everything that I do.

SO I made a list of 10 things that I try to practice to help me reduce stress in my life! I hope you find them helpful!

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My Career Outside of Blogging

Hi friends! Today I want to talk a little about my life outside of my blog. A lot of people don't know that blogging is a side hustle for a lot of us. Most of us have careers that either align or completely contrast with blogging and the content that we create. For example, I use a lot of my skills that I learned in Architecture school and continue to learn in my career for blogging - which helps me continue to grow my blog and content!

SO - my career? I am an Architectural Designer - soon to be Architect! I went to Iowa State University (GO STATE) for 5 years and graduated with a professional degree - my Bachelor of Architecture. My goal is to be fully licensed by 2020.

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My Seattle: Chasing Away the Monday Blues with Not Monday

"...not formal, not fussy, and not complicated." Not Monday is a Seattle based mercantile that creates the most classic, beautiful, and feminine pieces. Operated by three entrepreneurial boss ladies, this brand aims to create pieces that make each week feel like its NOT MONDAY! :)

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New Year - Same Me - New Outlook

2018 here we come! A new year is a time for new resolutions. Up until last year, I had never really set resolutions other than giving up ice cream or drinking more water (both of which are actually pretty difficult for me!!) However - last year, I set some even larger goals for myself! I am excited to say that I met most of them and I can't wait to see what next year brings. Did you meet any of your resolutions this year??

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