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Hey guys! It’s ALMOST THE WEEKEND! (salsa dancer emoji) I am really throwing it back to the 90’s in this post with a couple things in this post.

FIRST: these overalls. I am so happy that overalls are making a come back. You have probably noticed that I am in love with anything and everything denim so I could NOT pass up the opportunity to grab some overalls. I think the last time I was in long overalls, I was in pig tails at Disney World! I was also 6…  ;D

SECOND: my hair. I took a drastic step with my hair a few weeks ago and this is the debut on my blog! I got a PERM!! I was so nervous about perming my hair. I take a lot of steps to keep my hair healthy, so doing something this drastic made me a little uneasy. When I think of perms, I think of the huge hair and bangs my mom and aunts had when I was younger! Not that their hair wasn’t BEAUTIFUL, but I was not looking for the big 80’s/90’s perm 🙂

My hair has always been very straight with no texture. Curling my hair takes tools at maximum heat and would always leave my hair feeling dry and brittle; even after using leave in conditioners and heat protector. I have been wanting texture, something that would make my hair a little easier to style, and add a little body when I wear it down; so I decided on a loose perm!

I was asked to visit the salon the day before my appointment so the stylist could see and feel my hair and ask me what I was looking for.  When I walked into the salon my only inquiries were:  “Will I look like Shirley Temple?” // “Will I look like an 80’s hair band?” // “Will this kill my hair?”

My stylist was very reassuring that the perm would be loose, especially since my hair is longer, which adds weight; and that my hair would not fry. So I decided to go for it! I love the texture the perm added to my hair, and now it has more fullness! I am so excited that I am heading into the summer with beachy waves! 

I visited an Aveda salon and their process was called “Waves by Aveda”. I highly recommend seeking out an Aveda salon if you are thinking about a perm! For those in Seattle, if you decide to take the leap, visit the Gary Manual Salon in Pioneer Square!

Shop the look:

Overalls: AsosHERE

Bodysuit: Topshop – similar – HERE


Sunglasses: Ray-BanHERE

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