About Shaylyn

Hello there! My name is Shaylyn (Shay) and I am a twenty-something living in Seattle, Washington. I was born in St. Louis, raised in Iowa, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University. My love for design and travel prompted me to pursue a career in architecture and move across the country, and my passion for the world of fashion and style is why I decided to start this blog! I have always had a love for fashion and styling, and have been searching for something to help me share this love with everyone.

While styling and fashion are a major passion of mine, I have many more hobbies I hope to share here. The running list of my hobbies includes, but is not limited to: Taking on endless amounts of DIY projects, attempting to bake visually appealing and not at all healthy cakes and pies, photography, taking care of my mini greenhouse that doubles as my apartment, and traveling.

My boyfriend, Zack, and I hope to travel as much and as far as we are able. This blog also showcases our adventures! Since we live in Seattle, near many mountain ranges and national parks, and Zack is a self-glorified mountain man, many of our weekend trips tend to be hiking trips. While hiking isn’t one of my FAVORITE things to do, I tag along for the experience, the exercise, and for the photo opportunities ;). It’s hard to deny that we live in one of the most breathtaking places in the country!

Please follow along as I document some of our journeys and endeavors. Thank you for reading!

xo, Shay