We Bought Our Dream Home

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I am back with some life updates since I last posted! It has been almost a year since I last posted on my blog because things have been hectic and I was anxious (though the latter is always the case). Anyway – WE BOUGHT OUR DREAM HOME!

We started looking in fall of last year and the hunt quickly consumed our nights and weekends. The market throughout the country is absolutely bonkers, and here in Seattle, it seems practically impossible to land a house. Fast forward through months of open houses, several un-accepted offers, and many tears, we finally landed our DREAM home.

Long story short – we weren’t even considering putting an offer in on this home because we felt so defeated and assumed this would be another dream that would slip away, but we decided we really had nothing to lose. With a letter, several pictures of Lucy, a little luck, and the most amazing realtor, we received the call we had been waiting for since the Fall of 2021. We couldn’t believe it!

We are so excited to fill our first home and watch it grow as our family grows. The high ceilings and sun room overlooking the water are some of our favorite features that have us wondering how we are so fortunate to live here. We stop and take a moment every day to talk about how we never want to take this for granted.

Perhaps our favorite part of the home, which attracted us most to this property in the first place, is the garden. Not a single blade of grass can be found in the yard as every square foot is covered in the most beautiful landscaped greenery, flowers, and fruit trees. There are also garden beds we can make our own and start to grow our own produce, which we are very excited to tackle this summer.

The house is in amazing shape and has the most beautiful character. With our careers in Architecture, we are excited to start tackling home designs and updates and really making this new home our own.

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