Living Room Decor with Annie Selke

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Small changes, large impact. I am so excited to have had the opportunity to work with Annie Selke to update our living room in our new home. The goal was to install a handful of decor items that would give our space a completely new look. Zack and I are so happy with our new set up!

Look and Feel

Below is the look and feel board I put together when starting the product selection process with Annie Selke. We already had all of our furniture in the living room, including our cool-toned mauve couch, sage ottoman, and white swivel chairs. To keep with the cool-tones we selected blue and gray accents. We also wanted to add some contrast to all of our solid-color furniture so we selected patterned fabrics.

Before & After

In the before and after photos below, you can see the major impact our new pieces have on the space!

Annie Selke kindly gifted us the Honeycomb Woven Rug, Antigua Linen Curtain Panels, Antigua Linen Decorative Pillow, and the Ridge Cordless Roller Natural Shade

Decor Transforms a Space

These additions completely transformed our whole first floor without any paint or physical changes to the space. The decor items gave our living room an entirely different look and feel and we were able to place everything in just one day. Using decor can give you a new perspective on your space and even your home at a fraction of the cost or physical work of renovations.

When adding our new Annie Selke pieces, we also brought some of our furniture from other rooms to the living room as well as removed other furniture. Zack’s desk was previously located in our living room and always felt out of place to me. I’m a big fan of focal points and symmetry in a room and the desk was really throwing off the balance.

We added the Honeycomb Woven Rug which helped anchor the main seating area in the living room. From there, I convinced Zack to move his desk into my office (and I moved my desk into the guest bedroom – more to come on that later…) and we moved our bookshelf to the left of the television to balance out the wood burning stove on the right.

Overall, these small interventions made our living room feel like new again. Annie Selke is a female-founded and owned brand with a large selection of amazing decor and furniture items to help update your spaces. I can’t recommend Annie Selke enough and we are so in love with our new living room.

Thank you Annie Selke for partnering with us on this post!

Shop some of our other items in the space: Samsung Frame Backgrounds (from my talented artist friend Kyla Peterson), sage pillow, peacock feather pillow, Hunting Pony dog bed, Joybird sectional in Marin Mauve, One Kings Lane Ottoman

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