Female Creators for International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate female entrepreneurs, I collected a list of female-founded brands, female artists, and female creators that I love to follow and shop. There are so many more that I haven’t listed here, so I plan to make a follow-up post and include more!

I hope you enjoy following these ladies as much as I have.

Featured Female Brands:
Olivia Rubin Dress, Margaux NY Velvet Loafers

Female-Founded Apparel Brands

Olivia Rubin

Olivia Rubin’s colorful palettes and prints help make my technicolor dream-world a reality.


Elegant, functional, environmentally conscious. Míe is a lifestyle brand that focuses on resort wear that is earth friendly. All items are locally made by seamstresses and artisans in Lagos, Nigeria where the brand is based.


Handcrafted of Italian leather and beautifully made in the mountains of Spain.

Hill House Home

Romantic lounge and nap-wear that brings the best of vintage styles to the present.

Jade Swim

#morethanminimal is the brand motto. Simple and elegant swimwear.


By women, for women. 7 layers of comfort and the most beautiful designs keep your feet happy all day long.

Fanm Mon

Launched in 2013, the custom embroidery and exceptional textile are skyrocketing Fanm Mon to the top of the fashion empire.

Agua Bendita

“Behind each and every Agua Bendita garment, hundreds of stories of Colombian artisan are engraved.”
From fashion students in Medellin to the creators of a world-renowned fashion brand: The founders launched the AB Hearts program which allows women in Antioquia to work from their homes creating pieces while also looking after their families.

Dresses from Summer to Fall


A brand that needs to introduction – Fabletics is my only source of all things yoga and fitness.

Morning Lavender

A feminine line born of the desire to create affordable, yet elegant (and almost fairytale-esque) pieces.

Sika Designs

Fabrics sourced from Ghana.
“The ethos behind SIKA is not only to produce quality ‘made in Africa’ garments for the international market, but also to ultimately prove that garment production can successfully have social and environmental responsibilities at its core.”


comfortable enough for the journey, and stylish enough for the destination
A direct to consumer brand made of recycled materials and packages in recycled materials, Summersalt combines fashion, function, and sustainability to create beautiful loungewear, swimwear, workwear, and everything else in-between.

Sarah Flint

By women for women, and handcrafted in Italy. Sarah Flint brings redefines luxury with her staples and show-stopping designs.

Neely & Chloe

A brand launched by sisters that focuses on bringing luxury and beauty to your home and wardrobe at attainable prices.


Art and fashion collide with these beautifully crafted leather shoes and hand painted details.

Damaris Bailey

Romanticism is brought into the modern day with this gorgeous brand with options for mamas and daughters.


This female team created an inclusive shoe line with completely custom sizing so every woman can find her perfect fit.

Female Content Creators

Meagan Ayana

My gorgeous, amazing, talented, strong, independent, hilarious, and gorgeous (again 🙂 ) friend Meagan launched Single Girl Club – a guide to empower women to love themselves first. Her faith-driven ideals resonate with me, even as a married woman. We are unable to love others without first loving inward and valuing our own gifts.

Julia Berolzheimer

Julia has been one of my greatest inspirations. Her fashion sense and home design are impeccable, but moreover, she showcases what it really means to be a role model for young women today. She has a strong following and while many choose to remain silent on difficult issues, she uses her platforms, voices her beliefs, and helps encourage many others to do the same. I have loved following her and continue to be inspired by her daily.

Rachel Cargle

Rachel Cargle is a public academic, writer, and lecturer.
Her activist and academic work are rooted in providing intellectual discourse, tools, and resources that explore the intersection of race and womanhood.”
Rachel created and launched THE GREAT UNLEARN COURSE which helps break down biases, and inspire action for change.

Hill House Vintage

Hill House Vintage is a collection of snapshots capturing the home Paula Sutton and her vintage finds throughout the English Countryside. All of my romantic countryside dreams become a reality in her content.

the Style Bungalow

Stephanie Hill is one of my top inspirations when it comes to style and home decor. Her Palm Beach themed apartment and mix of designer and household items has made Stephanie one of my top influencers to follow.

Influencing in color

IIC was a recent follow for me in 2020. A group of four powerful women (one of the gals is named SHAY!!!) started Influencing in Color as a resource for ALL women and is a platform that is committed to diversity and inclusion. “Influencing in COLOR hopes to inspire, educate, encourage social change, and pursue shared goals through collaborative partnerships.”

Jenny Cipoletti

Parisian romanticism is personified in the creator of Margo and Me. From the most elegant home decor in her breathtaking brownstone, to her vintage-inspired wardrobe with a modern twist, she exudes grace and confidence in her content.

Venita Aspen

Venita inspires me every day to use my voice and look gorgeous doin it. Her advocacy for racial justice and equality has been something that has helped educate me on ways to help BIPOC communities. I am blown away by her grace in educating her followers on tough issues, and her stern stance when it comes to defending her beliefs and defending what is right. She has been instrumental in helping me find my voice to speak out and be unafraid of those who will disagree. She and Sophie Gold, another amazing creator, launched a podcast called Group Chat Realness which dives into different issues that women face and leaves you ready to take on the world.

Female Artists

Danielle Coke

I found Danielle Coke through instagram last year. Her commitment to educating the community about combatting racial injustice through her relationship with God has been such a beacon of light and hope. Her words and her art work to break down the barriers of systemic racism by using God’s words, bringing together communities to fight for equality.

Amanda Gorman

It is hard to go anywhere without hearing Amanda’s name, and for good reason. This Poet Laureate, at just 23 years old, has inspired generations to use words and art to help break down the barriers of systemic racism in the fight for racial equality. 2021 gave me a new role model (and fashion icon!) in Amanda Gorman.

Janie Kinnane

I discovered Janie on instagram following Amanda Gorman’s powerful Inauguration speech. She so perfectly captured the gestures created by Amanda during her Inaugural poem. She has many other works that are simply beautiful.

Ron Nicole

Another recent follow, Ron Nicole is a flower relief artist who uses plaster and paper mediums. I love following her garden adventures where she harvests each flower individually for her one-of-a-kind pieces. I was lucky enough to get the change to purchase one of her paper reliefs. and it is truly one of my most prized pieces.

Diane Hill

Diane is a London based artist who specializes in Chinoiserie painting, murals, and wallpapers. Her instagram features her live painting endeavors and I find myself getting sucked into each video, wishing. I could create something so beautiful. She recently partnered with Sarah Flint to create a pattern for their newest silk scarf.

Seattle Locals

For Love + Littles

Created by my dear, beautiful, strong friend Rechelle after the loss of her twins. For Love + Littles is a brand for all baby basics that focuses on beautiful gender-neutral pieces. Proceeds from each purchase go to helping women who are struggling with infertility.

Heidi Lynn Gustafson

I met Heidi through a good friend of mine in Seattle. Heidi is a PNW based pigment forager. Her natural pigments are extracted right from. the earth and are used as the bases for many paints and natural textiles.

Kyla Peterson

My friend, coworker, and fellow Iowa State Cyclone. Kyla is a spectacular artist and designer and I am honored to have several of her pieces in our apartment. Watch out for her!

Kacy Yom

The name Kacy Yom, if not already familiar, will soon be a household name. Inspired by her gorgeous Korean garments, her background in technology, and her passion for streamlining the customer experience, Kacy Yom has stormed the fashion scene with the most bright and luxurious, yet highly functional leather handbags.

Pipe and Row

Kayla Boehme, a Seattle native and creator and owner of PIPE + ROW, opened her store to bring high-end, yet attainable pieces to the Seattle community. Through her shop and infectious passion for trendy pieces, she is helping to put this growing Seattle fashion community on the map.

Queen Anne Frame

Kirsty curates the shop with pieces from a lot of local artists and vendors, another way their boutique supports the community. She even designs her own jewelry which she also sells in the shop!

Not Monday

“…not formal, not fussy, and not complicated.” Not Monday is a Seattle based mercantile that creates the most classic, beautiful, and feminine cashmere, cotton, and linen pieces. Operated by three entrepreneurial boss ladies, this brand aims to create pieces that make each week feel like its NOT MONDAY! 🙂

JJ Caprices

If you love accessories, but have trouble finding unique pieces that are original and show-stopping, I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at JJ Caprices jewelry. I had the pleasure of meeting Jen, the owner of the shop, not too long ago and was fortunate enough to be able to spend time chatting with her about all of her adventures. Jen travels all over the world searching for unique, handmade pieces that she can bring back to the states.

Rabecca Onassis

The boutique’s founder, Frilancy, was born in Zambia, raised in the Midwest, and moved to Seattle in 2013. in 2017 she opened her own boutique in Pike Place as. a tribute to her Grandmother. Her pieces are elevated and stunning and can work for any occasion.

Refugee Artisan Initiative

Refugee Artisan Initiative is a Woman-owned, Seattle-based business. Their mission: transform the lives of refugee and immigrant women by providing sustainable work in sewing and handcrafting products.

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