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Since today is International Women’s Day, I wanted to highlight a local woman who inspires me and the shop her and her husband own and use as a platform to bring their community together!

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When I moved to Seattle almost 4 years ago, I toured apartments all over the city, in every neighborhood, and nothing really felt right. From Pioneer Square to Belltown, and Capitol Hill to Green Lake, I just never got that fuzzy feeling. (Yes – all of my big decisions are made based on a fuzzy feeling 😉

The last neighborhood I toured was Queen Anne and I immediately fell in love. Queen Anne is at the heart of the city, providing easy access to most of the other Seattle neighborhoods, and is the home of the Space Needle. Zack and I have move 3 times and each time has been within a 4 block radius because we can’t seem to part with this neighborhood!

Queen Anne is built on a hill and is consequently divided into 2 parts; upper and lower Queen Anne. This neighborhood is a beautiful combination of the urban city center at the bottom of the hill and the gorgeous historic houses, boutiques, and scenic views at the top.

Right at the top of the hill, there is a boutique owned by a couple who has called Queen Anne home for a big part of their lives. Kirsty and her husband Nick own the boutique Queen Anne Frame and use their business to help build the sense of community on the hill. I met Kirsty just after I launched my blog last year at an event and was immediately inspired by her when she told me she and her husband owned their own business in the neighborhood I call home!

Kirsty and Nick took over the shop almost 2 years ago after a short move to California. Seattle and beautiful Queen Anne pulled them back to the PNW and it was then that they decided to run their own family business. Along with taking over Queen Anne Frame from the previous owners, Kirsty and Nick wanted to use their new business to invest in the community, bring locals closer together, and continue to build a bond with the other shops on the hill.

Kirsty curates the shop with pieces from a lot of local artists and vendors, another way their boutique supports the community. She even designs her own jewelry which she also sells in the shop! (See my fabulous earrings above!!) Isn’t she incredible?! I seriously can’t get enough of these earrings!

Another brand found in Queen Anne Frame is Sackcloth and Ashes. This brand aims to help the ever growing homeless population all over the world. For every blanket sold, a blanket is donated to your local shelter. How amazing is that?!

If you ever visit Seattle, and find yourself at the Space Needle on your visit, take a bit and head up the hill to visit Kirsty and Nick at Queen Anne Frame. It was things like Queen Anne Frame and its owners, all of the wonderful people and shops, the beautiful houses and sense of community (and the AMAZING city views 🙂 that I chose to live here four years ago. It doesn’t take long to walk around and immediately fall in love with Queen Anne, and I know you will love Queen Anne Frame just as I do.

Thank you Kirsty for sharing your story with me and continuing to inspire me and those around them to pursue what they love and help their community! I constantly promote shopping local, women supporting women, and community over competition. I truly believe that Kirsty and Queen Anne Frame embody these ideas!

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Apolis bag and earrings: Queen Anne Frame

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