Why I love Everlane: Ethically Made, Radically Transparent

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Let me tell you about one of my favorite brands – Everlane. Everlane constantly strives to bring the world stylish clothing at attainable prices all while saving the environment with each item they produce and sell. Even today, Black Friday, their priority is not sales, but donating to the Surfrider Foundation – a foundation committed to ridding our beaches of plastic and trash since 1984. Instead of discounts, Everlane is offering their customers a chance to make a difference and donate to the Surfrider Foundation. Each purchase equates to one pound of waste eliminated from our beaches.

Everlane has gone above and beyond to eliminate waste from their products and packaging, even utilizing recycled plastic bottles to create their newest line of outerwear and fleece pullovers.

Everlane’s mission statement, Radical Transparency, is apparent throughout their brand and each piece they sell. From the factories in which their clothing is crafted to the breakdown of fabrication costs and selling price, it is all right there on their website. For example, The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Cigarette Jean pictured above are created in Bien Hoa, Vietnam at Saitex International. You can read all about the factory and how the denim is made.

Below each product, Everlane presents a graphic that breaks down the cost of manufacturing each piece all the way from the materials, to the labor, to transportation. They even give a “Traditional Retail” price vs their Everlane price. Everlane aims to make their pieces affordable without the added costs most retailers slap on to the items they sell.

Everlane Tops & Dresses

Everlane Damn Good Denim

I gain more and more love and respect for Everlane with each collection they release. I started collecting their pieces only 2 years ago, but their clothing and accessories have become staples in my everyday wardrobe. Their pieces are of amazing quality and are simply stunning.

My Authentic Stretch High-Rise Cigarette Jean (pictured in this post) are the most comfortable jeans I own. They move with me and are comfy enough to wear even on my lazy days when all I want to do is wear sweatpants. It is hard for me to find denim that fits me correctly, but Everlane has knocked the denim game out of the park. They even started offering LONG inseams!! Not many things could make this brand better than it already is in my eyes, but the long inseam release had me jumping!

Everlane Outerwear

Everlane Shoes

One last thing – the Day Boot. These leather beauties are made in Montopoli in Val D’Arno, Italy which is a family run factory near Pisa. The leather is buttery soft and the 2 inch heel makes these the perfect shoe for wearing all day. (hence the name?! 🙂 )

Everlane Accessories

Everlane in my closet

I was so honored to be able to partner with such an amazing and impactful brand. Everlane’s drive to constantly help the environment and better the world with their products, manufacturing techniques, and giving programs consistently leaves me in awe. I am proud to wear their products not only because of the wonderful brand, but their timeless styles as well. Be sure to check out Everlane today and help them reach their goal of 20,000 pounds of waste eliminated from our beaches.

Thank you for reading and thank you, Everlane, for partnering with me on this post.

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As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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