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It’s here! The solution to the accessory you always need, and almost always take for granted. The team at Certain Standard has created the perfect umbrella that will forever be your favorite rainy AND sunny day accessory.

Price and Jason of Certain Standard, before Certain Standard was dreamt into existence, helped businesses advertise and sell their products. They were in the business of ideas and made a living out of helping others sell theirs. From small family run ventures to large tech companies, this team helped launch many products into the world.

Eventually, after years of marketing the creations of others, the Certain Standard team set out to bring one of their own ideas to life. With an endless queue of possibilities, they just needed the perfect one to launch their brand.

Price, co-creator of Certain Standard, has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and hoped to create a “consumer facing” brand. His goal was to design and manufacture physical products that people could interact with, but also something that could be experienced “even after the laptops were closed”. In pursuit of this, Price and Jason sat down after years of being “professional idea people” to forge their own path with their own brand and their own product.

“We should start the Seattle Umbrella Company”. The idea was pretty spectacular. After all, as Price put it, “you would’t buy a surfboard in Wisconsin…” One would, of course, buy it where surfing is most prominent. So then with that logic, the same could be applied to the umbrella. When most think of Seattle, rain is never a thought that is too far behind. And thus Certain Standard was born.

In an attempt to change the way people, even those in that live in Seattle, view the umbrella, Certain Standard set out to create an accessory that brings pride to it’s owner. Once a high-end fashion statement, the umbrellas of today have fallen into the category of utility, only called upon when the weather begins to turn for the worse. Certain Standard is single handedly leading the charge to make the umbrella a statement piece once again, rain or shine. Their target customer is someone who cares about the accessories they carry, who cares about design and style. They aim to enhance and empower their customers who carry Certain Standard.

So why “Certain Standard” and not “Seattle Umbrella Company”? The Certain Standard team is hoping to launch into the accessories world starting with their umbrellas. Their hope is to change the way we see umbrellas, the way we use them and the way we talk about them. They set a “Certain Standard” for their first product, and hope to change the accessory game as their business and ventures grow. First stop – umbrellas, and next… WORLD DOMINATION (just kidding 😉 Price said, “The opportunity and challenge of getting into umbrellas is changing the way people think about umbrellas. Entering the accessory space through umbrellas is a strategic way to break into the market.”

The possibilities are endless for this new brand.

Even though the company launched in May, the physical presence within the city and community were a top priority. Certain Standard wanted to take part in the community rather than simply maintaining an online presence. Visitors and Seattle locals should stop into the Certain Standard showroom and store, meet the owners and designers, and even grab a cocktail. This beautiful space flawlessly showcases the swoon-worthy designs of their umbrellas. From the vibrant colors to the cork handles, this umbrella is definitely a game-changer and will be the last umbrella added to your collection and the last you’ll ever need. It is durable, beautiful, and the perfect companion for any weather.

The last must-know about Certain Standard? Their giving program. Carrying their standard beyond their products, they are making an impact on the world. With every purchase of an umbrella, the customer is able to choose from two organizations that are helping to elevate their communities.

I am honored to share with you a discount code to use towards your very own Certain Standard Umbrella. Use code “SHAYLYNRAE” for a discount and help donate to the amazing causes they support. You don’t want to miss it – this is the perfect umbrella!

Thank you Certain Standard for partnering with me on this post.

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