Gal Meets Glam New Years Outfit

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A faux fur and sequin Gal Meets Glam New Years Outfit! I always struggle with balancing staying warm AND chic on New Years Eve, but with this warm furry coat I know it’ll be no problem this year!

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Gal Meets Glam Dress // Gal Meets Glam Faux Fur Coat // J. Crew Pumps (similar here)

My Resolution: my promise to myself

This year I simply want to be kinder to myself. This is a goal I set forth every new year, every new month, new week, even every morning. It’s a constant effort and always in my mind and I still struggle with it daily. More than simply laying a blanket statement on the year saying “I’m going to love myself more”, I am getting more specific this and trying once again to hold myself to this.

I am going to do my best to be my best – When I succeed I will celebrate myself, and when I fail I will show myself compassion. I will allow myself to take breaks physically and mentally. I will accept that I am human and that I will make mistakes, do the wrong thing, and say the wrong thing. I will tell myself I am a good person and not label myself as ‘horrible’ when I fumble, get frustrated, forget something, etc. I will forgive myself. This year, I will show myself grace.

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Photography: S. Wolfe Photography

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