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Life update: We left Seattle on Thursday afternoon for a quick trip around the country. We have 2 weddings to attend, one in Chicago and one in St. Augustine, Florida. Our initial plan was to fly from Seattle to Chicago, then from Chicago to Florida, then Florida back to Seattle. Unfortunately, Mother Nature made alternate plans. We are currently in Chicago, with a flight scheduled for Saturday to Orlando. Unfortunately, hurricane Irma is stirring in the Southeast. We are so very fortunate that we have the opportunity to avoid this disaster all together, as many others who live in the region do not have that option. I am hoping and praying that the devastation caused by this storm is minimal for all those in the Southeast.

Unfortunately, as we head home to the West Coast, we won’t be welcomed by clear skies. A series of wildfires has erupted throughout the Northwest, and they just keep spreading. My friends back in Seattle were greeted with a dusting of ash and a hazy, orange sky in the city when they woke up on Tuesday morning. I am not sure what Mother Nature is up to, but I am praying that these natural disasters around the country stop soon!

Photography: Jenna Lynn Photography

On a lighter note, and shifting to the wardrobe part of the post – I used to be a big fan of black wardrobe pieces. My whole closet used to be primarily black sweaters, pants, and blouses. Since graduating college, I tried to expand my wardrobe into color, and quickly became obsessed with navy, tan, and oranges / yellows. No matter how many colors I introduce into my closet, my heart will always lean back to my monochromatic wardrobe.

This outfit is one that I put together for a night out with my friends. The pants can be dressed up for work, or used as a statement piece for a night on the town. One warning about the pants though – they are very thin, so I had to wear leggings under mine so they weren’t see-through! Honestly, it is so worth it because these pants are seriously amazing. I can’t stop wearing them!

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