It’s the Little Things

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Instead of a gift guide for the approaching holiday, I want to share some things with you that you can do for your other half that cost little to nothing and can mean the world <3

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Clean the house

Seriously you guys – this can be such an amazing gesture! After a long day or week, there is nothing better than coming home and realizing your guy or girl cleaned the house. It is such a kind and amazing way to lift a weight off of someones shoulders! Not kidding – I have cried a time or two when I came home to a deep cleaned apartment after an insane week.

Write a love note

I am a sucker for notes. It doesn’t make me much for me to melt into a giant puddle, but a small love note telling your other half how much you love them can mean the world. You could also write little messages on post-its and just leave them all over your home :)

Breakfast in bed

I know I’m not the only one who would enjoy this! I don’t think anyone would turn down a homemade breakfast in the comfort of their own bed. And hey – if you don’t have time to make anything, a box of donuts will do just fine.

Bing watch a Netflix series together

Nothing brings people together like obsessing over the same show! :)

Cook a meal together

Until this last year, we didn’t have a kitchen large enough for both of us to help with dinner! But now that we have the space, it is fun to work together and whip us a fancy meal!

Go on a walk

Visit your favorite places from over the years and discover new ones! If you’re not feeling the outdoors, take a walk down memory lane instead. I love talking about how we met and all of the amazing adventures we have had so far!

Start planning your dream vacations

Sometimes we talk about – if money and time were no object – where would we go?! We really start to research and figure out what we would do and if becomes such a fun activity. If we ever win the lottery – we have all of our vacations planned already ;)

Sometimes it is hard to remember that you don’t need to spend money to show someone how much you love them. Small gestures can go such a long way and can really mean so much more than a gift. I hope you enjoyed these and have the best Valentine’s Day! <3

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