Repurposed Jars

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Living in Seattle, coffee and tea, more specifically, loose tea, are a way of life! I am more of a coffee snob myself, but my boyfriend is a big tea fanatic. We usually get all of our loose tea from Market Spice in the Pike Place Market.  We have accumulated so many bags of tea, that I decided that we needed a better way to store and access it. To accomplish this, I repurposed some old pasta jars that I hadn’t recycled yet.

To start, I bought chalkboard tags, a chalk marker, and twine from Michael’s. Next, to clean the jars, I used goo-gone to remove the labels and washed them. Once the jars are clean, fill the jars with the loose tea, fill out a tag, and tie it around the mouth of the jar! This is a super easy project that makes for a nice way to store tea, and add a nice piece of d├ęcor to your kitchen!

Tags: HERE and HERE

Marker: HERE

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