Oregon Coast 2020: Oceanside

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Oregon round III is officially in the books. The first two trips to the Oregon Coast were taken just the two of us. The first trip, we got engaged, and the second was our mini moon / pre-honeymoon. Each trip we took, we agreed we should eventually make it a group trip and share our favorite place with friends. This year, we decided to expand our Oregon club by two and invited some good friends from Seattle.

On the way to Oceanside, we stopped at Cannon Beach since our friends had never seen Haystack Rock. This beach will never disappoint.

Where we stayed

Zack found the most gorgeous house we called home for four days in Oceanside. Each year, we think we found the perfect getaway home, and each year we find a new favorite. Tucked away on the side of the hill, this 3-story, shake-siding oasis became our home for four days.


Every year, we pass the Tillamook Cheese Factory on our way to our destination. Every year, we promise ourselves we will make time to stop at the factory, but never follow through. This year, we decided to stick to our cheesy plan. As fans of all things cheese and dairy, the factory didn’t disappoint.

Oceanside Beach State Park

Our getaway home overlooked Oceanside Beach State Park. When walking on the beach, we found what looked like an old bunker or electrical housing. When we approached the opening we discovered it was a tunnel to the other side of the rock that took visitors to a small secret beach.

Cape Lookout State Park

The Oregon Coast offers beaches like no other. The large rocky cliffs and the Western exposure offer the most breathtaking views and sunsets. Z found this State Park while exploring a map of the coast, and like all other Oregon destinations on our list, it took our breath away.


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