Oregon Coast 2019: Pacific City Mini Moon

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We embarked on our 2nd annual trip to the Oregon Coast shortly after our wedding for a pre-honeymoon, or mini moon. Our Honeymoon will take place next year once we recover from a year of planning and paying for our wedding. To celebrate our recent nuptials, we packed up and headed to our favorite place for the 2nd year in a row. The first time we visited the coast was just a short year ago and was the location of our engagement.

Where we stayed

The night we arrived in Pacific City, the sun was setting and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. When we stepped foot into our beach home for the weekend, we ran right to the deck to watch the sun disappear behind the coastal rock and below the water horizon line.

Spouting Horn and Thor’s Well

Typically when on the coast, we don’t have any specific destinations planned for our trip. Each day we wake up, start driving down the coast, and make stops along the way. On our first day of exploring Pacific City, we found Spouting Horn and Thor’s well. We parked along the coastal highway and hiked down to the water. This inlet proved to be a gorgeous place to hang out on the rocks and feel the mist from the ocean crashing against the cliffs.

Cape Perpetua

As the sun was setting, we followed signs for a scenic overlook. Up, up, up, we drove, and we weren’t disappointed with the view.

A Day at Home

Somehow we were able to snag this absolutely gorgeous house on the beach. Our 2nd day on the coast was spent at home watching the waves wash up on the beach from the living room and the porch. Following a whirlwind year of wedding planning and getting married, we were so thankful for some couch time.

Coastal pit-stops

As I mentioned above, we spend a lot of our time on the coast just driving and making stops along the highway, We found this small stretch of grass on the last night of our vacation. The sun lit up the whole coast in an orange and purple glow. The fog softened all colors and textures and turned the landscape into a scene from a painting. If you’re heading to the Oregon Coast, our best adventures occurred without plans.

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