Fall Activities in Seattle

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Our favorite Fall Activities in Seattle – Blueberry picking, sunflower fields, and pumpkin patches (OH MY!). Over the last 6 years, Zack and I have worked on building a list of fun OUTDOOR things to do that we both enjoy. Z is a self-proclaimed mountain man who loves to hike and camp, and would prefer a life sans electricity, running water, or anything I require to live. I, on the other-hand, prefer a simple life of leisurely strolls with little elevation-gain, dresses, and Netflix.

Each season begins a new list of activities that we love to do together, but Fall is by far our favorite and has the most extensive list 🙂 Most would argue that Summer in the PNW is the best time to visit, however, Fall takes the cake in my book. Sure, the rainy days can far outweigh the sunny ones, but it’s those random brisk, sunny, Autumn days that make this season truly the best.

We recently discovered Mountain View Blueberry Farm which is near the pumpkin farm we visit every year in Snohomish. When we arrived, we realized they had a beautiful sunflower field, but we had just frolicked through the sunflowers the week before, so we headed straight to the blueberries! Upon arrival, you grab a bucket and head to the vines, then you get to pick berries until you can’t pick berries anymore.

Each year we wake up early and drive North to get to Craven Farm right when it opens in the morning so we can be the first to the pumpkin patch. Craven has one of the most beautiful landscapes we’ve ever seen. The pumpkins seem to go on for miles and the whole farm is nestled at the base of a gorgeous bluff covered in fall leaves. We never leave without taking some cider donuts for the road. Make sure you head to Craven earlier in the season so the fields are still full of pumpkins! You can see more of one of our Craven trips here.

Just before you reach Craven, there are tree farms with lines of Birch trees. Typically we stop here just to take photos and stare at the trees because they are absolutely breathtaking. They aren’t always open for the public to approach them, but most years we get lucky!

The weekend JUST before we went blueberry picking, we went to Thomas Family Farm to skip through rows of sunflower fields (well, I skipped). We went at the end of August which is the very beginning of the sunflower season, so you have all Fall to go see these gorgeous fields. You even get your own pair of cutters to snip your own bouquet! You can read about our sunflower field trip here.

Dresses from Summer to Fall

Fall dresses to accompany Fall activities

A lot of our favorite Fall activities in Seattle take place in Snohomish. It is such a gorgeous farm town filled with farms, fruit stands, fields of flowers, and gorgeous rolling hills. Even if you don’t have a particular destination in mind, we highly recommend heading to Snohomish in the fall to simply drive around. You won’t be disappointed.

Fall Activities in Seattle  and Fall Dresses

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