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Hello there everyone and happy Thursday! When brainstorming the subject of today’s post, it occurred to me that I haven’t really introduced myself on my blog other than in the short bio in my “ABOUT” section. SO keep reading for some things you probably don’t know about me! (and for outfit details of course) Some are fun, and some are more serious things that I would like to open up about.

I would love to learn more about you! Intorduce yourself in the comments below! 🙂

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1. I didn’t know I wanted to be an Architect until the end of my 2nd year of College (long story – sorry)

In high school, I wanted to major in music – singing, to be more specific. I have always been a creative and wanted to make a career out of something where I could constantly express my creativity. However, I chose biology because it was one of my strongest subjects and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take my love of the arts and turn my love and ability into a career.

I initially started as a Pre-Med major at a small college in Northern Minnesota that had a great Science program. While I excelled in biology in high school, that first year taught me that I didn’t have the desire to make it my career. With a year (and a break-up) under my belt, I decided that the best thing to do was to transfer home to Iowa and enroll at Iowa State University. I made the decision rather late in the Summer, and still wasn’t sure what I wanted to choose as a major. Since my first year was already gone, I was feeling quite uneasy.

I signed up for the business college and attended the late orientation at the end of July, just before the next school year started. While sitting in the business orientation, my uneasiness only increased when I started looking at the course catalog – I knew that this, too, was not for me.

I got up and walked out of the business orientation and started to walk around campus. I somehow ended up at the College of Design and decided to meet with a counselor who enrolled me in the design core. The core year is a year of design classes that every Design major must take. At the end of the year, we then apply to the Design major of our choice.

Initially, I thought I would apply to Interior Design, but near the end of the core year, I took a stroll through the Architecture studios. It was then that I decided, “YEP! This is it!” I changed my desired major to “Architecture” on my Design Portfolio/ application and turned it in! About a month later, I received an email informing me of my acceptance, and 2 months after that, I began the first steps of my career! (and met the love of my life) (even though we didn’t start dating until our last year of school 🙂

Its funny, because a lot of my classmates, my boyfriend included, knew they wanted to be Architects since they were kids. That was definitely not the case for me! Sometimes, opportunities and paths present themselves and you can end up miles from where you thought you would be. To me – I find this part of life so exciting!

2. I can drink a gallon of milk in a few days, but I can go days without a drop of water

I was raised on drinking about a pint of milk at dinner every night, and my obsession just grew from there. I have always wanted to be one of those people who loved water, but I just can’t do it! THERE’S NO FLAVOR I JUST CAN’T!

3. anxiety

I plan to open up about this in greater detail with a dedicated post, but I wanted to bring this up because people frequently tell me that I seem like I am always happy and confident.

You never know what someone is going through, so be kind to everyone. <3

While I try to remain positive most days, my anxiety is something I have struggled with my entire life. It has, many times, left me feeling helpless, unable to breathe, and at times, paralyzed with fear. I was ashamed of the amount of anxiety I had (and still have), but I have learned to love myself more this year and to not be ashamed of any part of myself.

My anxiety is honestly one of the things that pushed me to start my blog last year when my self confidence was at an all time low. I still struggle daily with anxiety, but have been learning and implementing techniques to overcome panic attacks and other areas of my anxiety. Stay tuned for a future post on that!

My hope in highlighting this is that others struggling with similar mental health issues, or any issues at all, realize they are not alone and should not be ashamed. We are all rock stars! <3

4. I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up 😉

I am pursuing my license in Architecture and I am a blogger. I would never trade these things, but rather, I hope to keep adding to my list of passions and pursuits! I still feel like there is more that I would love to explore. I love to challenge myself and constantly push myself into new experiences, and I absolutely love the thrill of not knowing what my next challenge will be!

5. I am always ready to move to a new place

I love to travel, and to reiterate #4, I love to try new things. I want to keep experiencing different parts of the country and really find out what different cities have to offer! While Zack and I have built a great life in Seattle, I am excited to experience and explore every corner of the country. I would also jump at any opportunity to move to Europe for a year or two!

That being said – We have no plans to move anytime soon – I just get restless 🙂

6. Gene Simmons (from KISS) held me when I was a baby

True story (according to my dad)

7. I always order dessert after a meal at a restaurant

And if I don’t – it is simply because the people I am with don’t want to wait for me to eat it

8. I love photography

I am not a photographer by any means, but I have taken several classes, love to take photos in my free time,and am constantly researching and learning new techniques. I recently upgraded to the Canon 5d mark iii, so my photography adventures have been quite fun! I also do lifestyle and engagement shoots for my friends, but always warn them that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! I’m getting better tho! 😉

9. Zack and I watch Jeopardy EVERY NIGHT

If either of us is working late or out of town, the other will record it and we will wait until we are together again to catch up on all of the episodes we missed #oldpeople #powercouple

Thank you for reading along! <3

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